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Welcome to GrassFed by Paul Foster

Serving the highest quality British and Irish grass-fed beef since 2023.

GrassFed canal-side restaurant has been proudly serving the highest quality British and Irish grass-fed beef since 2023. Our menu features a variety of cuts and seasonal dishes, from juicy steaks to beefy hotdogs, all made with the finest locally sourced ingredients and cooked to perfection. We prioritise amazing taste and the well-being of our customers and the planet, that's why we source all our beef from sustainable farms. Visit us for a unique restaurant experience, with an option to sit at our 'chef table' overlooking the coal and wood grill, where you can watch our talented chefs at work.

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Think Global, Eat Local

Beef Tartare
Irish Hereford
Beef Rump Steak

Book a Table

Reserve your table in advance for the most enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Booking ahead not only guarantees you a spot but also allows us to personalise your experience, ensuring that everything is perfect for your visit.

Meet the chef

"Great food starts with great ingredients" - Paul Foster

Paul Foster is a highly skilled and accomplished chef, known for his innovative and contemporary approach to cooking. His passion for locally sourced ingredients and sustainability is reflected in his menus, which are designed to showcase the best of the season's offerings.

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Apply now with your CV and desired position to become a part of our dynamic and innovative team, helping to deliver highest quality food to the community.

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