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Paul Foster

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"I believe in showcasing the best of British produce, treating it with the respect it deserves and presenting it in a way that is both modern and elegant."

With over two decades of experience in the culinary industry, Foster has worked in some of the country's most renowned restaurants, earning accolades and critical acclaim for his inventive dishes that combine traditional techniques with modern twists.

Foster's commitment to excellence and creativity has cemented his reputation as one of the most exciting and dynamic chefs working in the UK today.

In 2017, Paul Foster opened his own restaurant, Salt, in Stratford-upon-Avon. Since then, the restaurant has become a destination for food lovers from around the world, with its focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, elegant presentation, and bold flavours. Salt has been recognised with numerous awards, including a coveted Michelin star in 2018, making Foster one of only a handful of chefs to achieve this distinction in the first year of opening a restaurant. The success of Salt is a testament to Foster's talent and vision as a chef, and his dedication to creating a truly exceptional dining experience for his guests.

While Paul Foster is passionate about locally sourced ingredients and sustainability in general, he is particularly known for his love of beef. He has spoken extensively about the importance of using high-quality, well-raised beef in his dishes, and has developed a reputation for creating some of the most inventive and delicious beef dishes in the UK. Whether he's working with classic cuts or more unusual ones, Foster's dedication to showcasing the unique flavour and texture of beef is evident in every dish he creates.

Building on his passion for sustainability and ethical sourcing, Foster's new venture will emphasise the importance of using environmentally responsible farming practices and treating animals with the utmost respect. With GrassFed, Foster hopes to not only showcase the natural flavour and texture of grass-fed beef, but also to create a dining experience that reflects his commitment to ethical, sustainable, and delicious food.

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Arch S12 Water Lane, Hawley Wharf 

London NW1 8JY

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